Garage Shelving in Anderson

Moving into a new home can be super stressful and take up a lot of your time to manage. As many of you know, everything seems to get thrown on the ground, the garage, or wherever you can find space. Eventually it all just piles up, and soon enough there isn’t enough room for anything, which leaves you with a headache. Getting your garage organized is something that is always on the back of your mind, but you dread doing anything about it. When will the day come when you can get all your kids toys and bikes out of the way and fit your car into the garage? That’s when I got a call from this family. They wanted an easy cost effective way to organize their garage. Garage shelving was the best option for this family with all their kids toys, and their holiday decorations. After living in this house for a year, they could now get their long waited cars into the garage. The Monkey Bars shelving units can carry up to 1000 pounds and clear up space in seconds. There wasn’t any reason not to call us. They wanted garage shelving in their Anderson home to fix all their storage problems. They love their new transformed garage and can now live a less stressed life.

Clearly in these pictures, we can see that there was a lot of things that were on the
ground. There was no way a car could be parked in this garage. Many of you may have this same problem, but you don’t have to any more. Just like this garage shelving in Anderson, you too can have your own garage organized and get that long anticipated car to fit inside. Give us a call so you can also get your garage organized with the Monkey Bar products that we offer.