Why Choose Garage Theory?

Keeping your home organized is not easy. Keeping your garage organized can be even more difficult.  It is often said that getting organized is the easy part, but staying organized requires discipline. Here at Garage Theory in Indianapolis, we are experts in helping you organize your garage, so it is easier for you to keep it organized. Our Gorgeous Garage products are customizable to fit a variety of unique garage layouts and storage needs.


When we decided to open Garage Theory with the Gorgeous Garage storage systems, we knew we had started something special. We wanted to serve our community by offering the best garage storage and organization solutions on the market. The garage is the most underutilized and under-rated area of the home. Our systems unlocks the full potential of the garage, taking advantage of unused space to organize your items in a custom designed system.


One of our most recent reviews says, “Highly recommend the team at Garage Theory!  We appreciated their unique approach in understanding the flow of how we park vehicles and walk through the garage.  The custom floor, cabinets, slatwall, shelving, and overhead racks they installed completely transformed the space.  We love to show off the garage to all our guests when they come over now.  The guys were great to work with.  We’ll definitely recommend them to our friends and neighbors who are looking for premium products in the garage.”

Our 3D software will show you exactly what your garage will look like.


When it comes to your home, no detail is too small. Our team works with you, to ensure a finished product that is both functional and beautifully designed.   Thanks to our 3D Design Software, you can actually see what your finished garage enhancement project will look like. We take actual measurements from your garage to create your custom design. Permanent fixtures and wall layouts are also taken into account.

ski rack
Ski racks.
Store your snowboards.


Indianapolis is near several ski and snowboard resorts like Paoli Peaks and Perfect North Slopes. The weather is getting cold, making this the perfect time to get your garage organized before skiing or snowboarding season. Our overhead storage racks or adjustable shelves are some of our most popular options used to store your gear. Or you can check out our sub-zero storage racks. Storing winter sports equipment is often one of the biggest problems in a garage. Skis, snowboards, snowshoes take up a lot of room and are used for only a few months. The Gorgeous Garage racks keep your expensive gear protected, accessible in the cold months, and tucked away in the off-season. No matter your hobby, Gorgeous Garage has a solution to keep your gear organized in the garage. Spend less time looking for your items in the cold garage and more time doing the things you love.


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